About us

Quality Control

Weije is committed to offering high-quality service in every stage from inquiry to shipment to ensure we can satisfy the need of our clients efficiently. Besides, Weije is certificated by ASR ISO9001:2015 and all of our products comply with RoHS and REACH regulations. Meanwhile, we only purchase raw materials with certified suppliers. To achieve our commitment of maintaining the eco-friendly environment, we continuously improve every activity in our daily production such as recycling production oil and remaining material.

Strict quality control for the products is one of the core spirits at Weije. With thorough inspection, we are able to offer competitive products and consistent service. On inspection, we mostly focus on three parts, appearance, spec dimension and electrical performance.

For appearance inspection, we use desk top magnifiers, including 1.75 X rate, 6000 to 7000 Kelvin LED light and meter candle higher than 600Lux.


For spec dimension inspection, we use ARCS 2.5D KIM-U Non-Contact Video Measuring System. It comprises of high resolution and accuracy CCD, monocular lens with continuous zoom magnification system, high-precision linear scales and stage. It is an optical precision measuring system with high precision and efficiency, which is widely applied in various precision industries.


We also test electrical performance with Agilent and Anritsu network analyzers to ensure our designs meet the request of the client.